Parent Letter To the Editor: Daughter owes success to online charter school

I respond to the Thursday Dispatch editorial “Effective oversight for online charter schools is long overdue.” My dyslexic daughter with focus issues is a successful graduate of an online charter school, which she attended from kindergarten. This spring she’ll graduate from college with honors! Her professors say she is one of the most literary-aware and literary-passionate students they have had.

Thanks to this educational choice, my daughter is a lifelong learner who craves knowledge. If it hadn’t been for public online schools, she probably would have skipped college and focused on dance. That’s a fine focus, but with a college education she now gets to have a career doing what she truly loves. So where are the positive editorials?

Where are the articles about students like my daughter who have benefited greatly from attending a public online school? I completely agree that all public schools should be held accountable to the taxpayers and I would argue that the very fact that we know about the problem and that schools have been closed shows accountability in action.

We should be hearing just as much about the successes as we do about the struggles.

Julene Knudson, Columbus

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