Teachers Deserve our Thanks


Thank you to The Dispatch for publishing the article about how public online school teachers prepare for a new school year. It was nice to see the slightly different process, as well as the similarities, that online teachers go through to prepare compared to other public school teachers.

As an eSchool parent, I’ve heard critics of online schools say that the teachers are not "real" teachers. But I know first-hand that this is not the case. Our teachers are real certified teachers who interact with their students every day to make sure they are on track, attending, paying attention, understanding, doing the homework...the list goes on and on.

I enjoy knowing that my son is learning where he needs the extra help because of his teachers. And his teachers are always there for any questions he may have – and they promptly answer any of my questions too. 

The way our teachers instruct, the way they check in with their students and oversee a classroom might be unique. Yet, as this article demonstrated public eSchool teachers put their students' education ahead of everything else and in that way are like every other teacher out there. As we start a new school year I’d like to thank all of the teachers in every school for their dedication to our kids' education.

Faith Neese

Columbus, Ohio