Dispatch Letter to the Editor: E-school fits with our child

As an e-school parent I was so pleased to see a positive story about online schools in the paper, a story that told a parent’s and family’s perspective on what back to school time is like for online school families (“As school starts again, online teachers have to prepare, too” Dispatch article, Thursday).

Public online school parents are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help their children succeed. We’ve chosen a different kind of public school because it works best for our children. So back-to-school for us means not only making sure we have all the supplies we need, but also evaluating our school.

We look at how each child is personally performing and making sure this type of public school is still the best environment. Every year, we’re looking less at the school’s report card and aggregate standardized test scores but more at what really matters — our children’s grades, their individual test scores, and all of those things that are too difficult to fit on a school report card, like happiness or how they mesh with their teachers and classmates.

Because we chose this public school, we get to hold our school accountable every year as we continue to choose it year after year.

Tamela Dutcher