Education is About More Than Test Scores

A recent op-ed in the Washington Examiner from Jason Bedrick, "School choice fans need to remember: Education is about far more than test scores" reminds us that test scores don't tell you everything about a school nor the quality of the education that your child is receiving. There is so much more to education than testing results as this piece reminds us:

The latest voucher studies should be encouraging to advocates of educational choice, but we should be careful not to take the wrong lessons from them. Test scores can be useful in helping parents make informed choices, but their ability to choose should not be predicated on test scores."

We've seen this before. Remember the poll conducted by our national partner showing that only 14% consider state standardized test scores the critical factor in assessing a student’s overall success in school. The most important factor is student behavior and attitude toward learning (45%) followed by teacher feedback and assessment (21%) and student grades (20%).

This is a good reminder for us to look at more than test scores. Take a moment to email your legislators to remind them of this too.