Grading Our Schools

We recently shared this article on our social media and it’s worth taking the time to read.

Public School has polling data that shows that most voters nationwide prefer a dashboard-like system versus a single A-F letter grade.

According to a summary of their findings, “65% believe an ongoing summary of each school’s status using a dashboard of multiple measurements would be more helpful to parents and policy makers evaluating public schools than a system that provides a single letter grade for each school.”

One of our top concerns about how our schools are evaluated is that we rely (as the article points out), “mostly on standardized-test scores and graduation rates to generate letter-grade report cards” We don’t think that either of those things are the most critical factors to consider when looking at a student’s overall progress. And the polling done by shows that most respondents would agree with us, “Only 14% consider state standardized test scores the critical factor in assessing a student’s overall success in school. The most important factor is student behavior and attitude toward learning (45%) followed by teacher feedback and assessment (21%) and student grades (20%).”

Our leaders should listen to what the voters are telling them and trust parents especially when considering education policy.