National Poll Shows that Parents Don't Think School Performance Should be Based on Test Scores

There was a lot of fuss from opponents of public online charter schools last year. Sadly, it was more about politics than ensuring that our children received the education they needed. Here’s what the opponents of school choice need to know and what our legislators must never forget: trusting parents to make the right choices for their children is good education policy. In fact, it’s the best education policy. 

Absolutely no one is in a better position to know if a school is performing well for their child, or should I say if their child is performing well in a school. No bureaucrat is going to know better than a parent about what is best for any given child in any given school, charter or traditional.

Parents understand that there's more to knowing if a school is successful then simply looking at test scores. And it’s actually not just parents. Results from a national poll recently commissioned by, shows that voters don’t consider standardized test scores to be a good measure of school performance or student achievement. 78% of all registered voters oppose closing public schools based primarily on standardized test scores (80% among those with children and 75% without children). These poll numbers don’t lie. Voters and parents want our leaders to trust them - not unreliable, impersonal data.

We are thankful for any legislator who trusts us, the parents, to know what is best for our children.

Sara Donlon

President, Ohio eSchool Families & Friends Coalition