Letter: Nominee DeVos will support parents

Another coalition parent's letter was published in The Columbus Dispatch!  You can read her letter supporting Betsy DeVos below.  

Letter: Nominee DeVos will support parents

I was grateful when reading your coverage of Betsy DeVos' nomination hearing to see that a lot of the questioning focused on issues that really mattered, like how her strong support of school choice would affect her actions as education secretary. As I expected, DeVos promised to address the needs of all parents and students. 

She also expressed an understanding of the importance of alternatives within public education to make it stronger. DeVos is often accused of having no experience within public education. But what those people fail to understand is that schools of choice like charter schools are part of the public-education system. They are public schools. So when DeVos stands up for parents' right to choose a charter school she is standing up for public schools. 

Empowering parents to be able to make the best choice for their own child's education is one of the things that DeVos has devoted her career to. It's one of the main reasons why our senators should approve the nomination of DeVos for education secretary. Having an education secretary on the side of parents will make a huge difference and our public education in this country. 

Annie Harbert


Published online at: http://www.dispatch.com/opinion/20170128/letter-nominee-devos-will-support-parents