Betsy DeVos Nomination - Letter of Support

One of our own eSchool parents and advocate had her letter to the editor supporting Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos published by the Columbus Dispatch.  Read it below:

Secretary of Education nominee

I know that as soon as I say the words "Trump" and "nomination" half of you are going to be tempted to stop reading. But I ask you to keep reading and consider what I have to say. This is really more about education and trusting parents than it is about anything political with Trump or his Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos.

My starting point for supporting this nomination is not political, it's parental. I'm the mother of a thriving eSchool graduate. We chose to enroll our daughter in an online school because it was the right learning environment for her. She excelled in this school. It was our choice as her parents, and I know it helped my daughter be the success she is today.

Betsy DeVos is dedicated to empowering parents to make the best choice for their own children. She is not about bringing down public education, she is about making sure that we have the best options available so that each child can get the best public education possible. And she understands that the only people that can make the choice of what is best for their children are the parents. Not bureaucrats, not teachers unions, not the government, its parents who know best.

I, for one, am looking forward to having an education secretary that understands this concept and trusts parents.

Julene Knudson

Minerva Park

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