Students and Online Critical Thinking

Information is EVERYWHERE.  And with our electronically savvy kids easily accessing computers and mobile devices, they are able to get that information 24-7.  So how do we prepare our children and students to think critically about the information they come across on the internet or social media?  

eSchool News posted a great article the other day: How to sharpen students' critical thinking skills online.  The information coming at us is oftentimes opinionated and toxic.  It can be hard to digest what it means and relate it (or not) to the values we hold or are trying to teach.  The points this article makes are spot on in trying to teach necessary critical thinking skills to our children and students.  Of the most important points - keeping that line of communication between you and your child/student open for dialogue.

Do you have any helpful tips for keeping your kids safe online and helping them develop critical thinking skills when accessing online info?  We'd love to hear them on our Facebook page!