Study paints false picture of e-schools

Check out this letter to the editor - written by one of our very own eSchool parents - recently published in The Columbus Dispatch

Study paints false picture of e-schools

Americans love their studies. We put a lot of faith in those reports by people who claim to be experts, especially if we like what they say. But we don't always scrutinize the research behind them.

That’s the case with a report about online schools commissioned by the Fordham Institute ("E-school students performing worse than district school peers, study says" Dispatch, Tuesday). The most recent data used is three years old. In all that time, e-schools have dramatically changed, which this report acknowledges but doesn’t consider in its conclusions.

When speculating about why parents chose an e-school, maybe talking to one like me would help inform you.

The report recommends performance-based funding, but only for e-schools, why not for all public schools?

What upsets me most, as an e-school parent, is the report’s insistence that e-schools “drag down the achievement of the state’s charter sector.”

Look at our urban school districts. Their grades are certainly lower than those of most other districts, yet nobody is calling them a drag on traditional public schools statewide. Nobody is singling them out.

We see a lot of silly reports. We should study the important issues in our community; let’s just do a better job. Focus on the major issues, such as why parents are choosing e-schools and why their kids are failing at their prior schools, instead of using old data that supports desired conclusions.

Faith Neese


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