Creative Olympic Fun With Kids

Are you getting ready to watch the opening ceremony of the 31st Olympics in Rio de Janeiro?  The opening ceremony begins tonight and events continue in Brazil for the next two weeks.

The Olympic games can be a great time to get kids excited about different cultures, sports and the hoopla surrounding the two weeks of competition.  Here are some ideas to get creative during this festive time and corresponding sites to visit:

- Keep track of medal winnings by country/flag recognition

- Make your own medal

- Learn about modern Olympic symbols and traditions

- Do an Olympic challenge during the two weeks and earn medals

- Get artsy Olympic-style

- Check out books about the Olympics and Rio from your local library

- Visit the 2016 Rio Olympics homepage for fun information

- Create your own Olympic mascot with Legos

- Make your own Olympic games!  There are tons of ideas online...


We'd love to see how creative you get with Olympic fun!  Take pictures then head over to our Facebook page and share them for all to see!