So…How About John Oliver?

John Oliver has been circulating the news this week for his recent obliteration of public charter schools.  Yep, obliteration.  It’s a harsh word, but he didn’t have anything kind or useful to say about charter schools.

John Oliver hosts Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – a late-night talk and news program on HBO.  As Wikipedia describes him, John Oliver is “an English comedian, political commentator, television host, and occasional actor.”  What they didn’t list on his resume: researcher of facts.  Oliver got the information for his show from every negative word and piece that’s been published about charter schools without looking at facts.  He automatically sided with teachers unions and went full-throttle against charters.  Was it funny?  Yes.  And some of it was truthful, as some of the negative facts floating around are.  But it wasn’t well-researched and under no circumstance did it tell the side of the parent who is grateful for the quality education his/her child is receiving from a public charter school.

For more thoughts (and a great read) on Oliver’s “unrepresentative sample” of information, check out Nelson Smith’s article on