Favorite App: BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr.

Want your child to continue using their brains and learn about interesting topics this summer?  Look no further than BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.  BrainPOP is geared toward 3rd/4th graders and up, while the Jr. version offers simplified versions for the younger age group.  Both offer FREE downloads, which have suited our family just fine.  The kids are able to watch one new educational movie per week as many times as they choose.  They're also able to access a bank of free movies offered during previous weeks. 

A subscription to one or both of the programs is also available within the app itself or online.  For a monthly or yearly fee, subscribing to BrainPOP and/or BrainPOP Jr. will open up a multitude of educational movies.

BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. have been a great educational tool in our house, while still allowing the kiddos to have fun.  Tell us what your favorite educational apps are over on our Facebook page!