Minecraft: Education Edition

For the past seven years, Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm.  At $26 per download, it’s the best-selling computer game of all time and has sold over 23 million downloads to date.  Kids of all ages have used and learned from the game, all while gaining many fundamentals of computer science.

As more and more educators have seen a correlation between technology/gaming and supporting the individual learning traits kids have, Minecraft developers have listened.  Earlier this year, Minecraft rolled out a new version of the game specifically for the classroom.  Minecraft: Education Edition is designed to be as versatile as the core game, but can be easily set up and controlled by a teacher or administrator.  This edition offers lessons that include objectives, activities and suggested reflection questions and can be used to teach all types of subjects.  By utilizing Minecraft: Education Edition, students gain collaboration, problem solving,  communication, digital citizenship and many other skills needed in our tech saavy world.

Minecraft: Education Edition will be available to educators, schools, libraries, museums and participants in nationally recognized home-school organizations with a school-specific email address later this summer.  Prices will vary.  Those not professionally involved in the world of education can find the core Minecraft game here.

Tell us: are you head over heels for Minecraft?  Do you have high hopes your students/school will delve into the world of Minecraft for educational purposes?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page!