Is Cursive Writing Important?

It's strange to think that cursive writing (even handwriting in general), once an integral part of every second or third grade curriculum, has virtually vanished from the school day of an elementary student.  But why?

Some are seeing it as a waste of time, since our society is quickly becoming technology-based.  Others think time spent teaching students how to write cursive could be better spent prepping for testing.  Handwriting in general has largely been left out of the current Common Core standards, leaving little time to think about it in the everyday classroom.  

But is it important for our kids to be learning cursive and handwriting skills?

Recent studies have shown that children who are better able to produce letters, numbers and shapes at an early age demonstrate better academic knowledge down the road.  Other studies show that some children have an easier time forming words when they are fluid and connected. It is widely known that any type of handwriting helps the writer build finger muscles, muscle control, and brain development.  

I could go on, but here is a great article giving tips on why cursive is important in our society.

If you are interested in making cursive and handwriting a part of your eSchooler's day, a quick search on your favorite search engine will provide free worksheets, practice and ideas.  Just type in "cursive handwriting practice" or "handwriting practice" for loads of free ideas to incorporate this lost art into their day.