Parent Letter To the Editor: Trust parents with children's use of e-schools

Check out this fantastic letter to the editor from an eSchool parent recently published The Columbus Dispatch

It's easier to tear something down than to build something. Unfortunately, that seems to be the running theme of the conversation surrounding online public charter schools lately.

People who don’t understand how public e-schools work prefer to make broad negative assumptions about them as opposed to taking the time to understand them and why parents choose them. This was the case in the Saturday letter “E-schools require more oversight “ from Camren Harris.

Ask parents like me why we chose to send our kids to e-schools and there will be varying answers, such as bullying or medical issues or simply that the format works best for how our kids learn.

The different issues we face might prevent us from reaching five hours of learning time every single day, but if the ultimate goal is to reach 920 hours total, students should be able to get to that many hours in whatever combination works best. Maybe that means logging on for 10 hours one day, but only three hours the next. As long as the overall goal is met why does it matter how the student got there? It’s not how my kid learns best and it’s not why we chose an e-school.

Ultimately we must trust parents. Parents who can best gauge what our kids need to be doing and when they need to be doing it. Where's the trust in parents?

As an e-school parent, it's insulting that bureaucrats and partisan opponents think they know better than I.

Faith Neese