Summer Is Upon Us, The Routine Is Out The Door

The weather is on the upswing, blue skies are peeking through more regularly and the bunnies in my backyard were playing tag with each other yesterday.  Memorial Day is nearly here.  Summer is upon us.  And with that, school has wrapped up or will be wrapping up within the next few weeks. 

Summer.  No school.  Kids at home.  Routine is out the door.

If you’re like me, the thought of summer break makes me slightly nervous.  Please don't get me wrong...I love being with my children and am excited to spend extra time with them over the summer.  But the fact that our 9-month routine is about to end is nerve-racking.

Kids need routine and I’m sure many parents do, too.

How do we work on building a routine with our kids during the season of relaxation?  It’s clear it won’t be: school, activities, home, dinner, homework and free time - every single day.  It will be more relaxed.  It will include lots of free time/free play and those necessary trips to the park or pool.  And most of all…it will take some preparation on our part.

Pinterest and major search engines have a plethora of ideas – just input “summer routines for kids or teens” in the search field and you’ll find a variety.  I found some that give hour-by-hour schedules, a general idea for different times of day (morning, afternoon and evening), and different topics for each day of the week to focus on.  There are definitely enough options to suit the type of parent and family you are and many of the options can be jumbled together to create your ideal summer.   

Putting a little time and effort into mapping out a routine for the summer will not only save your sanity, it will benefit your family.  Know that ideas and activities will creep up that may take over your general routine - that’s ok - the summer routine should be flexible!  But overall, things will run more smoothly and the time you have together will be more intentional. 

Take a look at a few of my favorite ideas from my Pinterest search.

Summer Activity Binder

Chore Ideas By Age – great chart!

Summer Brain Camp Binder

General Daily Summer Schedule

What are your plans for creating a routine for the family this summer?  We’d love to hear over on our Facebook page!