Online charter schools benefit students: Letter to the Editor

This Letter to the Editor below - written by one of our very own parent leaders - was recently published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Well done Carolyn for standing up for your right to choose the best place for your child to learn!  

Today, I reminded my children that bickering and sniping is not the way to come to constructive resolution of an issue. Unfortunately, very few adults in media and politics remember this lesson from their own childhood.  

Brent Larkin's piece, published on April 28, Ohio GOP lawmakers in thrall to online charter operators want to pick taxpayers' pockets, again bothered me because of his petty verbal attack (sniping), but also because it is inaccurate. My son has been in an online school for 9th and 10th grade and is thriving! He is in three honors classes with a 3.94 GPA. His teachers go above and beyond to make themselves available for extra office hours to answer questions or review classwork (always available to those who want help). He has made friends from many different cities and backgrounds.

He volunteers to help students who are not fluent in English to practice reading. I have seen him grow in academics, confidence and leadership. A great temptation in today's polarized political and moral climate is to hurl invective first and maybe find the truth later (one reason our family doesn't fit into either political party). Hopefully we all grow up and gain goodwill and begin to work together to find solutions to real (not imagined) problems!

Carol Kennedy,