And Ohio's New State Superintendent Is....Paolo DeMaria

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new state superintendent of public instruction.  Paolo DeMaria was unanimously selected this week by the state school board to be the next state superintendent of Ohio.

DeMaria has been involved in Ohio politics for a number of years.  He is a veteran of state budget and finance debates and served as state budget director for Gov. George Voinovich.  He was chief policy advisor for Gov. Bob Taft and has helped advise on charter schools, vouchers and state report cards.  

DeMaria spent several years working for the Ohio Department of Education as well as the Ohio Board of Regents to work with Ohio's public universities.  He has most recently worked with the educational strategy group Education First.

The new state superintendent is an advocate of school choice.  He sent his own children to both a public brick and mortar and a local charter school - and is proud of the education they received at both.

We are looking forward to seeing good things come from DeMaria's time as our state superintendent.  Especially from the aspect of school choice.  

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