For the Love of Teachers (Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6)

At home, we always say how we love our teachers -- how they’re doing so much for our children and how much we appreciate the time they take to connect to them and us.  But are we letting them know directly how much we value them? 

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6 this year.  For the family who schools online and doesn’t have face-to-face contact with teachers every day, showing appreciation to teachers can be a little more tricky.  So what can you do to celebrate teachers?

A thoughtful message or letter is always a beautiful way of showing your appreciation.  Teachers love these and usually hold on to this type of gift for years.  Most retailers offer online gift cards that could be sent via email to a teacher (hint: they love their caffeinated beverages!).  Offer to meet them halfway between your town and theirs for lunch.  And even though you may not have their personal address (if they work from home), they do have a central office location.  Homemade gifts could be mailed to the central office and then passed along to the teacher. 

Love on those teachers.  They may not be physically with your child every day, but they are constantly thinking about how they can help your child grow.