Education and the Presidential Candidates: Ted Cruz

Presidential Primaries are in full swing around the country.  The news and debates have reported some general education ideas and plans from candidates, but it’s all been very piecemeal.  For the next few weeks, we’re digging into what some of the candidates are saying about education and school choice.  We’ll talk about prominent candidates from both parties and give unbiased information and facts from reputable sources.

Segment 5: Republican Candidate, Senator Ted Cruz.

Senator Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to an American mother and Cuban father.  He was raised primarily in Texas.  By 1995, the senator had graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School.  Following law school, Cruz served as a law clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist of the U.S. Supreme Court, joined a private law firm, and worked on the presidential campaign of George W. Bush as a domestic policy advisor.  Senator Cruz was appointed to the office of Solicitor General of Texas, where he was given much practice arguing in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.  He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, where he has been introducing bills he wrote and serving on various committees.

Senator Cruz actually provides a detailed plan on his website; the plan is called 5 For Freedom.  “We should shrink the size and power of the federal government by every and any means possible. What does that mean? That means eliminating unnecessary or unconstitutional agencies.”  Eliminating the U.S. Department of Education is included in that plan.  According to, this “not only restores the states’ constitutional power and saves taxpayers billions of dollars, it returns decision-making to parents and local communities, and liberates students and teachers from a failed top-down approach.”  The senator is anti-Common Core and against all education regulations, standards, curriculum or assessments coming from the federal level. 

He is for school choice.  "Imagine embracing school choice as the civil rights issue of the next generation. That every single child, regardless of race, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of wealth or zip code, every child in America has a right to a quality education. And that's true from all of the above, whether it is public schools or charter schools or private schools or Christian schools or parochial schools or home schooled. Every child."  (Forbes Magazine, March, 2015.)  "And school choice improves the public schools, making them stronger and more effective."  (EdWeek.)

The 5 For Freedom plan, including information on his education stance, can be found on Tedcruz.orgEducation Week also offered a detailed article of 5 facts to know about the Senator that was helpful in putting this post together. 

The Ohio eSchool Coalition is not affiliated with a specific political party, nor are we endorsing a particular candidate.  Please stay tuned for two final updates on major Presidential Candidates.5