Empower Parents With Choice

In the spirit of National School Choice Week, Ohio eSchool Coalition Board President, Sara Donlon wrote a letter to the editor about the importance of school choice to eSchool families.


This week, schools and families across the nation are celebrating National School Choice Week. Ohio families are extremely fortunate to have the ability to choose where they’d like their children to attend school.

eSchools provide families with an opportunity for their kids to learn in an environment that works for them. Experienced and certified teachers work closely with students to ensure concepts are understood and needs are met. Families that choose an eSchool are often simply looking for a public school option that will work for their child where others have failed. Many have gifted, special or medical needs that need to be met. And still others are seeking refuge from bullying or looking for a school that can provide a little flexibility while still providing an excellent education.

Providing parents and families with the option to choose the school that will best meet their child’s needs is critical. Empowering parents with choice will ultimately be the key to improving our public education system.  One size does not fit all when it comes to education – and this week especially, when we’re celebrating ALL the different choices in public education that work so well, we should remember that. 

Sara Donlon, President of Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition