Get Organized for the BEST School Year Ever!

Summertime is the season to relax, pull up a pool-side chair, snooze the alarm clock, and play outdoors until the crickets start chirping. Unfortunately, the start of school takes place in the heart of this magical season, bringing our state of endless play to an abrupt halt. To help get your students off on the best foot, we’ve been given some suggestions from eSchool parents of great ways to get back on track and organized for the new school year. 

Tip #1: Plan mealtimes and snacks. Getting the best foods into our children is often a high priority for parents, but sometimes, summer has us easing up on our own expectations (ice cream for dinner, anyone?). Start working on planning out healthy, well-balanced meals. Plan for and offer nutritious snacks when they’re hungry. Having a plan eases the burden of prepping meals (especially the 5:00, “What in the world are we having for dinner tonight!”) and rummaging through the pantry for a snack. Get the family involved in finding new recipes and then preparing them. 

Tip #2: Create an information center in the home. This could be part of the schooling area or a separate center dedicated to schedules. Having a master calendar in the house and one to travel with you can help you manage the many extracurriculars our children are often engaged in. 

Tip #3: Plan before you shop. This is not only helpful for meals and snacks (see Tip #2), but also for school supplies and fall clothing. Before heading out to the stores, assess what your children really need. Go through supplies and closets to find what needs replaced and what they’ve outgrown. Make a list of what you need and have a budget in mind. Prep the young shoppers with you, letting them know what you are going to purchase and what you can spend. This will help alleviate any undesirable meltdowns in the store and make your time there more efficient. 

Tip #4: Make a practice run-through. As eSchooling families, we don’t have to worry too much about morning traffic or waking up in time for the school bus arrival. We do, however, have a slew of environmental and technical things to work out, especially those choosing to eSchool for the first time. Talk with your student(s) about where they think they’ll learn best and think about possible distractions that could arise. Discuss a plan to have school papers, books and other supplies organized, then act on it. Familiarize yourself with school procedures and the “homepage” for your particular school. The more comfortable you are with the learning situation and environment, the more comfortable and successful your student is going to be. 

Remember, this process is just getting you started and off on the right foot for a successful school year at home. As you get more familiar with working with your student(s) and their program, you may find it necessary to change your organization and schedule at bit. Don’t sweat it! We hope you have a wonderful and successful school year! 

Do you have any tips or tricks to eSchooling? Especially for those digging into this for the first time? We’d love to hear what works for you on our Facebook page!