Akron Beacon Journal Letter To The Editor - Just ask 
e-school parents

This letter to the editor (written by Ohio eSchool Coalition volunteers in response to an article) was recently published in the Akron Beacon Journal 

Just ask e-school parents

We are responding to the June 28 article “Charter schools given pass for poor test scores.”

We were highly disappointed when the reporter interviewed critics of charter schools, but went no further. If you want to know why making a transition to online learning is so difficult, talk to the real experts — parents and students. It’s sad that the author didn’t take the time to reach out to e-school parents like ourselves. We could have cleared up any ambiguity.

Are we not considered experts just because we don’t work in the education industry? The majority of us made the transition to an e-school because our children were struggling in a typical public school or their lives were threatened.

When a child has to attend school every day fearing his or her safety they will not be attentive in the classroom. Have you considered that the reason so many students struggle their first year as an e-schooler is because it’s the first time they’ve worked in a structured environment?

Many students making the transition are already behind when they begin. They are working at a much slower pace and lack the skill set to complete coursework in the required time.

We personally experience charter schools every day and understand the reasons students struggle when switching to a new learning environment. As online educators of three students (high school, special needs and elementary), we would recommend that you take time to survey actual online families to get a realistic viewpoint.

Peggy and Willie Woodson


Find this letter online at: http://www.ohio.com/editorial/vop/letters-to-the-editor-role-of-the-supreme-court-and-what-parents-and-students-know-about-e-schools-july-12-1.607411