North Carolina Giving Students New Possibilities

Breaking News: North Carolina has opened its doors to public online schools! Beginning this fall, N.C. Virtual Academy, affiliated with K12 Inc., and N.C. Connections Academy, with Connections Education, will be eligible to enroll up to 1,500 students each.  

Really it was parents making their voices heard that made this happen.  We're glad the state decided to listen and trust parents.

Find out more about and the #I Trust Parents campaign, which helped parents stand up for themselves in N.C. and around the country, including Ohio.

We're so excited for the giant step this state is taking and so proud of the online school movement.   As many of us are aware, eSchools serve a multitude of students with diverse needs.  Students with special needs and health issues, those escaping negative situations, and students with unique schedules are often among the online schooling population.  Adding two powerhouses in the educational mix will give families needing more options some great choices.  

Way to go, North Carolina!  We are excited for you!