Say a Special Thank You to a Great Teacher

We hear it said all the time, “Well, online teachers aren’t real teachers," or"even if they are real teachers there's no way they can know a kid through a computer,” but every single eSchool family KNOWS that is just NOT true. 

Not only are our teachers Ohio certified teachers (each and every single one) our students know their teachers just as well if not better than students at traditional schools.  These unique educators touch the lives of students throughout the state each and every day.

As highly qualified teachers, they understand the challenges of this innovative learning environment and utilize the latest tools to relate to the students under their care.

And now is the time to recognize all their hard work.

Until April 10, is accepting nominations for the 2014 American Pioneer of Teaching Award. This award is specifically for teachers in non-traditional settings and is intended to recognize those who go above and beyond the duties of their position. 

Have you had a teacher who has made a difference in your family’s life?  Here is a way to say thank you.

Please take a moment to recognize the dedication of Ohio eSchool teachers and nominate your choice.