Back To School - now with more to do!

Welcome back to a new year of school, eSchoolers!  With the start of the 2014-15 school year, we have some fantastic changes occurring to benefit our students: open participation in extracurricular activities at local public schools.  

This change affects students of any public charter school, including eSchools. Students are now able to participate in activities, including sports, at their local school district.  The new rules apply only to public charter schools that don’t already offer the sport or activity – which as you know eSchools just by their nature can’t or don’t.

Many eSchoolers like Renee Williams, a 7th grader at the Ohio Virtual Academy is ready to head back to school where she says she is anxious to be able to play sports as part of a team for a school where she is already friends with a lot of the kids.

eSchool parents often go out of their way to make sure their students have a balanced education creating their own leagues and signing their kids up for community recreation leagues.  But there are limits to what sports and activities are available especially as students reach upper grades. So the idea of being able to take advantage of these opportunities is very exciting for all of us.

What a huge boost of encouragement for eSchool students and their families!  Will you be taking advantage of this great change and joining in on some of the extracurricular activities offered?  Have you tried to talk to you local district about it but encountered difficulties?  After all, this is new for them too so we may all need to work together to make this work. We’d love to hear from your experiences – please leave us a comment (or direct message) on our Facebook page or e-mail us at

Also stay tuned to our social media (Facebook & Twitter & this blog) for more information on how to get the process started so your eSchooler can participate in extracurricular activities.