Do a little less, so you can be a little more…to them

Christmas break is upon us and it can be A LOT of fun, but it can also be challenging even for eSchool families who are used to having kids at home and around during the day. What are you planning on doing to keep your eschool students entertained over the break?  Here's what one mom shared with us about her plans.

Winter break.  It’s here.  For the kiddos, it’s an exciting time to play, play, play.  For parents, it can be a bag of mixed emotions and a gazillion questions.  What am I going to do with them today?  When will I get my work or everyday chores done?  When will I finish all that needs to be done for the upcoming holidays on top of all the other responsibilities I have?  Can’t they just sleep in or take a nap? I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

All parents struggle with caring for their children in the best possible way, giving them all they need and desire while balancing the everyday must-do list.  These long breaks from school can increase this struggle, but this year I have a plan. This year I’m going into winter break knowing that I need a break just as much as my kids do.  There is no possible way to neglect work or household chores, but I can choose to do a little less.  Less baking for the holidays, less fancy wrapping of presents, less scrubbing of floors or cleaning of the refrigerator.  Things will get clean, tasks will get done, but I know we’ll all be happier if I focus on what’s most important...those little smiles looking up at me.

This year, we’ll focus on playtime mingled with an easy craft or baking project.  We’ll work on reinstating the chore chart we started ages ago and forgot about once school began.  We’ll play some more and have some computer/iPad time, read lots of books and venture out and about from time to time to get our wiggles out.  And yes, we will turn on the television for a movie every now and then.  I will get my tasks done if I’m careful with my time while the kids are busy with their activities, but I will also enjoy being with them.

Over the years, I have collected resources that help me plan for days when we are all together, but I still need to get a few things accomplished.  Kid Stuff World is a great blog that has tons of easy parent/child activities.  This massive snowflake is a favorite project in our house right now, as is this link for printing/cutting/building your own Olaf the snowman.  We will be having some computer time and will be using some of our favorite sites for educational games: ABCYA, Starfall, and Magic Tree House (for the older elementary kiddos).

I use Hulafrog to see what is going on for the little ones in my area.  They provide links to activities in larger cities for families and have been super helpful in the past when we have cabin fever and are looking to get out.  Our local library and community center are also great places to turn to for kid-friendly activities. 

With some planning, creativity and (dare I say) patience, you can winter break along with the kids.  Do a little less, so you can be a little more…to them. 


What is your plan of action?  We’d love to hear! Come share your thoughts and ideas on our Facebook page.