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Want to do more to stand up for Ohio's eSchools? Here's what you can do:

Get the word out -- SPEAK UP!

  • Talk to Your Legislators

FIND YOUR LEGISLATORS (You'll need your FULL zip code which you can find HERE).

Contact your State Representative and State Senator by calling or even e-mailing them (or even a letter if you prefer).  Ask them to trust you as a parent to know what is best in your child's education. Share your story of why you chose to eSchool and just ask them to keep parental choice in mind as they're debating any education policy. You don't have to wait for an education specific bill to call - start to call now and build a relationship with your legislators so they will hear our voices when it matters most. 

  • Traditional Media

There are many news outlets around Ohio that routinely publish or broadcast stories about online learning. Here's a link to a site that lists newspapers, TV and radio stations across the state, so that you can keep track of what they're reporting about eSchools - and contact them when you have something to say:

In addition, we've listed below some of the top newspapers in Ohio and included tips on how you can weigh in with letters to the editor and other commentary pieces when necessary:

  • Op-eds and Letters to the Editor

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH

Op-eds: 900 words or less. Please include a cover letter explaining who is submitting the op-ed and the relevance of the issue. Email: .

Letters: 250 words or less, include full contact information, submit online . Or email:, or mail to Letters to the Editor, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1801 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH, 44114

The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, OH

Op-eds: 700-800 words. Submit via e-mail to the Forum Page Editor at No attachments.

Letters: 200 words or less. Typed submissions are preferred, all may be edited. Signature, address, daytime phone numbers are required. Please specify a date if there's a reference to a previous article on letters. Submit to Mail: Letter to the Editor, Columbus Dispatch, 34 S. 3rd Street, Columbus, OH 43215

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, OH

Op-eds: 400-450 words. Use the same email address as letters: Require a photo and a two-line bio about the author in order to be published. Also include a daytime phone number for the author.

Letters: 200 words or less, submit via e-mail: or by mail: Cincinnati Enquirer, Letters to the Editor, 312 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH

Op-eds: 700-750 words, include daytime phone numbers with all submissions. Email:

Letters: 200-250 word limit. Email

Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, OH

Op-eds: 500-750 words. Guidelines listed in print edition of paper. Author should include bio.

Letters: Include contact information. Submit to

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  • Reports
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