About Us

The success of Ohio's students is about more than the future of any individual; it's about the future of Ohio. Access to quality and innovative public school options is critical to ensuring every student has a chance to succeed and contribute to a promising future of our great state as the next generation of leaders, business owners, skilled workers, educators and more.

The Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition is a new and expanded non-profit organization representing students, parents, teachers and others who believe in empowering families to enroll their kids in these innovative public schools. Our organization seeks to be a broad-based organization of stakeholders, including families, so that we ALL will have a voice in the public policy debates over critical educational issues that will impact Ohio's future, especially during challenging times.

Ohio is home to many different public eSchools and has a record of success in developing one of the most innovative and strongest networks of eSchools in the U.S. The growing number of students enrolling in these schools demonstrates the value Ohioans place on this public school option. Our goal will be to help elected officials, business and civic leaders, opinion leaders, families and other members of the community understand the unique benefits of eSchools and how they can help students of all learning types and ages reach their full learning potential.

We look forward to working with you and helping every student achieve academic success.